Basement Safety

As a basement renovation company, one factor we will never overlook in basement remodel is basement safety. The homeowners’ protection is of paramount importance when we are planning basement renovations. Safety guidelines that are incorporated in the local building laws would also be followed to avoid unnecessary revisions.

At best Renos, we will incorporate several basement safety measures including the following measures:

Radon Sealing and Protection

Radon is a silent, odorless, tasteless and hazardous radioactive gas that may silently enter your home and put you at risk without you knowing it. Radon is the resultant product of decaying uranium found in the earth’s crust. Radon enters the home through cracks in the walls, small holes and crack in the foundation, or through sump openings, drains or utility line openings. Once radon enters through the basement, it can spread quickly to other living spaces of your home. Thus, put you and your family’s health in danger of poisoning.

In fact, breathing in air containing radon for a long period of time has been diagnosed to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. That’s why the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends that each home be tested for radon. Best Renos will test your basement for radon and if high level of radon gas is found in your home, we can help install a custom radon mitigation system to return the radon gas to a safe level.

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Waterproofing And Mold/Rust Sealing

Waterproofing before starting with basement remodels is a health and safety concern especially for adults and children since these are the age groups that are very susceptible to diseases. Waterproofing involves repairing all faulty plumbing and cracks on the floor and walls which contribute to the humidity and dampness in the basement since it’s a fertile ground for Moulds can cause several diseases including dermatoses, skin rashes, asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses. We ensure proper waterproofing to make sure that your basement doesn’t become the source of plague in your home. Our seal stops mold growth and stops moisture completely. It stops rust on metel and mold on wood as well.

Hiring the service of Best Renos will eliminate all future problems in safety compliance. When basement remodels are done according to superior construction, safety precautions, and design, you will undoubtedly get the best value for your money.


If you want to transform your basement from being a utility room to a living space, consider the following; basement renovation or remodelling. A professional basement contractor will first identify structural problems like cracks, mold and then find solutions for the improper ventilation and sewer gases. Installing an escape route is essential.

When you are buying a new, you often look out for the structure with a basement. Furthermore, if the basement is waterproofed, the resale value will be much higher than expectations. On the other hand, if the basement is not waterproofed, the price of the property will be much lower.

The average cost to finish a basement is usually between $25 and $30 per square feet, but depending on how comprehensive the renovations are, the materials, and the labour you select, costs can go higher than the ones mentioned above. Contact our specialists and discuss your project in detail. We will give you a precise cost estimation.

Basement services encompass a wide range of projects that stream from basement lowering, finishing, waterproofing to foundation repair. We provide basement services that add value to your home and increase its longevity. Besides, we can turn the crawl space into a fantastic living room for any purpose, which is a good investment.

Of course! Generally, it is one of the common reasons why people choose to renovate their basements. During winters, the coldest place on your property is the basement. At Best Renos, our contractors would be happy to do some additional installation, such as new walls on the top, to keep your basement warm and safe during chilly nights.


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